Tailored Services to Maximize Value

Rainmaker Real Estate provides full-service support to every seller. The team has extensive experience working with clients across the real estate strata, from high-end and luxury properties to homes that need that little bit of extra work.

Our exceptional network, attentive project management skills, and keen market awareness allow us to bring every home to maximum value, without adding stress for our sellers. Expert value consultation, financial support for cosmetic renovation, and attentive guidance throughout the sales process are only a few of the benefits of working with the Rainmaker team.

Trustees Trust Rainmaker

Trustee sales can be sensitive transactions. You may be dealing with a recent loss, multiple decision-makers, privacy and confidentiality issues, or limited assets to manage an unexpected property sale. Rainmaker agents have extensive experience working with executor and successor trustees, and we are here to ensure that you get the best outcome with minimal added stress. Let us take care of the details and front the costs, ensuring that you obtain the maximum value on your asset - you only pay once the property has sold.


Buy Before You Sell

Get from where you are to where you want to be with a bridge loan facilitated by Rainmaker. We've partnered with vetted and reputable lenders ready to help you get equity and purchase your new home at competitive rates before initiating the sales process on your existing property. After you're satisfied with the purchase process, we'll help you sell your home for the highest possible price - without the headache.

We needed someone to take care of us and all the details of his house. Alex has a team that works seamlessly and we felt totally at ease and communication was caring. Alex has an amazing read on sellers and buyers, we experienced incredible insight and humanness on our, the sellers’, side. He also negotiated the absolute best purchase for our dad's house - the icing on the cake.

— Cory B.

Alex helped us find our dream home. Exactly the size we need in a great neighborhood. He is digital friendly, which was an important criteria for us since my husband and I work in tech and use these tools to plan the house purchases. Alex is professional and effective.

— Cherry C.

As first-time home buyers, my wife and I were very nervous. Alex told us what to expect at every stage and how the real estate industry works. It's quite overwhelming to learn about home-buying, but Alex was very patient and helpful.

— Mike L.


Masters of Online Real Estate Marketing

Put your home in front of the right audience with the help of our in-house marketing and advertising team. Your agent will work closely with the experts to identify your target audience and ensure that your home reaches them across multiple channels. Our independently mighty firm is dedicated to utilizing both our internal expertise and our local network of professionals to ensure you're not leaving any money on the table.

Obsessively Human
Real Estate Agents

At Rainmaker Real Estate, 'Obsessively Human' isn't just a slogan—it's our approach to every aspect of real estate in Los Altos, CA. Our agents prioritize understanding your unique needs and dreams, offering personalized guidance, empathy, and expertise at every step. With us, you're not just a client; you're part of the Rainmaker family, deserving of nothing less than our full attention and commitment to achieving your real estate goals

Reach out today, and discover how we can transform your experience for the better.